Faculty Research Interests

Angélica M. Almeyda Zambrano, (Ph.D., Stanford University)
Assistant Professor

  • Ecotourism as a development and conservation strategy in the tropics
  • Tropical Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable tourism and land use dynamics
  • Ecotourism and natural protected areas
  • Sustainability science

Garrett Beatty, (Ph.D., University of Florida)

  • Emotion Regulation & Motor Performance
  • Athlete Development

Trevor Bopp, (Ph.D., University of Florida)

  • Intercollegiate athletics
  • Racial, ethnic, and gender discrimination
  • Student athletes

Dan Connaughton, (Ed.D., Florida State University)

  • Legal issues in sport and physical activity programs
  • Risk perception and management
  • Safety & injury prevention in sport and physical activity programs

Doug DeMichele, (Ed.D., University of Florida)
Master Lecturer

  • Campus recreation
  • Recreation programming and leadership
  • Facilities management

Greg Dunn, (Ph.D., University of Nevada Las Vegas)
Senior Lecturer 

  • Hospitality and Tourism Marketing
  • International and Domestic Travel and Tourism Trends
  • Consumer Profiling and Segmentation
  • Tourism Product Assessment and Brand Strategy
  • Social and Economic Impacts of Gambling

John Egberts, (M.S., University of Florida)
Adjunct Faculty and Associate Director, Florida Traffic & Bicycle Safety Education Program

  • Legal issues in sport and physical activity
  • Risk management and injury prevention
  • Pedestrian and bicycle safety education

Daniel Fesenmaier, (Ph.D., University of Western Ontario)
Professor and Director, Eric Friedheim Tourism Institute

  • Experience design
  • Tourism Marketing and Information Technology
  • Travel Advertising and Demand Analysis

Heather Gibson, (Ph.D., University of Connecticut)

  • Leisure, sport and tourism aging/retirement issues
  • Gender and leisure activities
  • Sport tourism, issues and behavior

Kiki Kaplanidou, (Ph.D., Michigan State University)
Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator and Director, Innovative Research Initiatives in Sport Events

  • Sport consumer perceptions about event and destination images
  • Image and legacies of sport events on community development
  • Sport event tourism

Jin-Won Kim (Ph.D., Michigan State University)
Assistant Professor

  • Water based recreation and tourism planning and management
  • Environment justice issues, including the accessibility and equity of recreation opportunities (e.g. urban parks, beaches, playgrounds, golf courses, and other recreational settings)
  • Measuring the role of ‘recreation’ built environment on public health
  • Applications of Geographic Information Sciences (GISc.) in recreation, parks and tourism studies

Andrei Kirilenko, (Ph.D., Russian Academy of Science)
Associate Professor

  • Social networks and mass media data mining
  • Climate changes impacts on people and environment
  • Sustainability, resilience, and adaptation to climate change impacts

Yong Jae Ko, (Ph.D., The Ohio State University)
Associate Professor

  • Sport consumer behaviors
  • Sport event marketing
  • Service quality in sport

Joon Sung Lee, (Ph.D., University of Michigan)
Assistant Professor

  • Sport Marketing
  • Sport Consumer Behavior
  • Sponsorship and Endorsement
  • Corruptions in Sport
  • Sport Media Behavior

Brian Mills, (Ph.D., University of Michigan)
Assistant Professor 

  • The sports labor market, league policy and industrial organization in sport
  • Economic impact and economic development related to sport
  • Consumer behavior and behavioral economics in the sport context

Lori Pennington-Gray, (Ph.D., Michigan State University)
Professor and Director, Tourism Crisis Management Initiative

  • Marketing of tourism destinations
  • Planning and developing sustainable tourism destinations
  • Tourism crisis management

Michael Sagas, (Ed.D., Texas A&M University)
Professor and Chair

  • Discrimination in sport organizations
  • Race and gender issues in sport
  • Intercollegiate athletics

Svetlana Stepchenkova, (Ph.D., Purdue University)
Assistant Professor

  • Destination image
  • Media messages and tourism demand
  • Computer-assisted analysis of qualitative data

Alyssa Tavormina, (Ph.D., University of Georgia)
Lecturer and Program Director, Online Sport Management Master’s Program

  • Sport Branding
  • Sport Consumer Behavior

Brijesh Thapa, (Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University)

  • Ecotourism and cultural heritage tourism in developing countries
  • Tourist behaviors & impacts: socio-cultural, environmental and economic
  • Outdoor recreation and tourism management in parks & protected areas

Cyntrice Thomas, (Ph.D., JD, University of Georgia)

  • Legal aspects of sports
  • The application of antitrust law in sports
  • Collective bargaining and labor issues in sports
  • Social issues in sport

Christine Wegner, (Ph.D., Temple University)
Assistant Professor

  • Organizational and Social Identities
  • Sport for Social Change
  • Marginalized Groups and Sport

Cynthia Willming, (Ph.D., University of Florida)

  • Perceived Racial Discrimination and Leisure Travel
  • Race and Leisure Travel