Taylor Hartley – Tourism & Hospitality Management

Class of 2015

During my time at the University of Florida, I was honored to be a student at the College of Health and Human Performance (HHP). My HHP experience has prepared me for my career by equipping me with a set of personal and professional skills; cultivated in class through real world examples and experience in my field. The professors and staff have shown me that there are no limitations or boundaries to my degree in Recreation, Parks and Tourism; the opportunities are endless and I am a prime example of that.

I was a transfer student from Santa Fe College, and specialized in Tourism and Hospitality with a minor in Mass Communication. During my college tenure, I was a Gatorette in the University of Florida’s Pride of the Sunshine Marching Band, involved in Gainesville Community and many different clubs on campus as well as an HHP Ambassador. However, my professors and fellow students pushed me to broaden that involvement through vital internships and field experience while finishing my course work. One of these internships with the University of Florida Performing Arts lead me to realize my passion for Arts Administration and set goals to help me achieve my dream job as a Director of a major performing arts center. All of my involvement and knowledge gained through my course work and internships set me up for success in securing my senior internship site at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, which is the Nation’s Cultural Arts Center.

My career goals were unlike many of my fellow classmates, as I was one of the few interested in pursuing a career in Arts Administration. Because of this, there were few examples in my courses pertaining to Arts Administration, so I was consistently challenged to think how the strategies and themes from my courses applied to different facilities and industries. Through these experiences, I enhanced my analytical and problem solving skills as well as became an advocate for the college and my major. This degree program is a master key to life’s many doors. As a TRSM graduate from the College of Health and Human Performance, you bring an exciting new perspective and a wealth of knowledge and experience to whatever industry you choose to be employed in.