Jordan Rutner – Sport Management

Class of 2015

At first, my experience as an HHP student seemed very average and ordinary. I went to class, did my work, succeeded on tests, and then did it all over again through the semester, and then throughout the years. Towards the end, I finally realized that there was more to what I was a part of. I had more in common with the other HHP students than I previously thought and I learned how much we could benefit from each other. These benefits were not just limited to helping each other on group projects and tests, but in a professional, networking sense in addition to establishing great friendships. This experience prepared me to be able to work in the “real world” in group settings, in and out of the office. Especially living in a dorm with other interns, collaboration has been proven to be key for success in my internship experience.

Internship Site: United States Olympic Committee: USA Wrestling

On paper, I am the “State Services Intern.” State Services at USA Wrestling deals with membership and relations between the staff with the coaches, officials, athletes, and their families. My biggest responsibility in the beginning was to help USA Wrestling transfer over to a new database, which took a lot of time and patience. After completing that, I asked my supervisor if there were any responsibilities outside of State Services that I can help with, as long as it doesn’t compromise my original commitment. This request allowed me to work with our finance, donor and alumni relations, events, and team leadership sectors of the office. I have a high level of engagement because I have been asking for more, but also I am careful not to spread myself too thin.

My post internship plans revolve around a few ideas. I have full intentions on going to graduate school, preferably for an MBA in Finance. Before I attend graduate school, I plan on working full time for over a year. I currently have a few interviews lined up for offices around the country and I am still open to working in either finance or in sports, or maybe even a combination of both. I also have an idea for a start-up that I plan on pursuing once I am settled into a more stable environment. I am doing my best to keep an open mind and be willing to move for work. An ideal career lines up with being a financial advisor, especially helping athletes. There have been too many horror stories about athletes losing their fortunes within years of being out of the professional game and I believe that I can help prevent that for them.