Kayla Clark – Tourism & Hospitality Management and Event Management

Class of 2015

My experience as an HHP student at the University of Florida was incredible! I love that HHP is on the smaller side, so you are able to truly get to know other people in the program by having multiple classes and group projects with them. This also allows a closer faculty/student relationship to develop, which is wonderful because the HHP professors are all incredible resources. One important aspect in attaining my internship was leadership experience. HHP has many opportunities to be a leader. I was able to serve as secretary of LEAPS and Vice President of Marketing for TRSM Honor Society, which gave me experience in planning, communicating, and leading. These are all qualities that my internship requires me to exercise each day.

Internship site: Walt Disney World Cast Activities

As the Walt Disney World Cast Activities Special Events Intern, I am responsible for assisting in the development, planning, and execution of global events for the Cast Members of Walt Disney World Resort. The events range in style and size, and my involvement in every event is different. For certain events, that are generally smaller in size, I am more heavily involved in both the planning and the execution, and am able to delegate tasks to different people such as coworkers and volunteers. For other events, that are larger in scale and have been in the planning process for over a year, I am more involved in the delivery side of the event. I assist with answering Cast questions via email and phone, and assist with the setup, execution, and break down of the event.

My current internship offered me an extension of my role until June which I have already accepted. I believe that having a full year of experience in this department will benefit my long term career goals. At the conclusion of my extended internship, I would like to go full time with Disney in an events role. This internship has helped me discover that my passion lies in event execution, more so than the planning. My goal is to network and learn more about the department of Park Event Operations. I would like to work for their Hard Ticket and Signature Events team, which handles both the planning and execution of events that occur for guests in the Disney parks.