Marissa Williams – Sport Management

Class of 2015

My experience as an HHP student was eye-opening. I learned so much more about the business side of sports with my pursuit of a Bachelor’s in Sport Management. It was the first time I was actually so excited about the things I was learning and anxious to know what the next lesson would bring. The preparation for my internship was astonishing. The point of any new experience is to learn something new that will stay with you for a long time. With the HHP program, that was definitely the case. I learned so much more about the interview process and also something new about myself with each class and lesson. I am very grateful to this program and all that it has taught me.

Internship site: Hoop Culture

Hoop Culture is an online basketball brand clothing company. At Hoop Culture, I have been responsible for the Customer Service department. With my customer service experience, I was in charge of helping with getting orders packaged and ready to ship, emails, online chat, and answering the phone calls. The greatest part of it all was being a firsthand witness to the growth of the company. From just a few months ago, the number of orders went from about 40-50 to being 80-100 a day. I was also able to shadow the President, Mike Brown, and Vice President, Marquel Jones. Being that it is a small company, the President and VP work closely with everyone. They really embody working as a team, no matter the position or title they hold. I really learned that it is both rewarding and stressful to run a business. Every decision you make is important and can be very impactful, whether good or bad, to the company. While interning at Hoop Culture, I was always a part of the team in anything they did. We had several meetings with the owner that I was included in, meetings with Evok Advertising Company, and also when we had visitors at the office. I’ve had a wonderful experience interning at Hoop Culture and wouldn’t trade that for anything.

My post-internship plans are to being working officially at Hoop Culture. I was offered a full-time, salary position at Hoop Culture. I’m really excited to be a member of the team. This place has really welcomed me in as a part of the team. It is amazing to be able to work in my ideal company. Hoop Culture just opened their first flagship store in the Fashion Square Mall in Orlando, FL. The continual growth for the company and me has been a tremendous journey and I can’t wait for it to continue growing.