Myles Birritella – Sport Management

Class of 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed my time as an HHP student. Whether it was interacting with my professors or volunteering for the University Athletic Association Marketing and Promotions department, the HHP program couldn’t have done a better job in preparing me to secure an internship site. The classes through the HHP program are much smaller than your normal classes at UF. This aspect was great because students were able to develop a stronger relationship with their professors and build confidence within the classroom setting. These aspects prepared me for my internship site by developing a strong relationship with my supervisor, the team president, team general manager, and the full-time staff members of the organization. This was key within the Rockland Boulders because everyone needed to communicate to each other and go out of their way to do a favor that in the end would benefit the entire organization.

Internship site: Rockland Boulders Baseball Team

At my internship site I was doing a bunch of different tasks. I made sales calls and sold tickets. I performed marketing research and contacted entertainment agencies to bring in special guests or celebrities to the stadium. I prepared Excel sheets of all the businesses in the Westchester, Rockland, and northern New Jersey area to contact and develop new leads for sales. I also developed new promotional ideas for games that were not assigned a theme night. For example, I developed the first Nintendo Night at Provident Bank Park. I did absolutely anything I could to make sure our fans were enjoying themselves and the Rockland Boulders were represented in a positive light. I was extremely engaged with the Boulders and developed a strong relationship with the team president and general manager.

My post internship plans are to return to UF and attend the Masters of Science in Management program. I am doing this because it’s a great opportunity to broaden my horizons and apply to more jobs in other industries. Working in professional sports is still a goal of mine and I will be pursuing that dream once I am finished with the MSM program.