Meshi Shoshana – Event Management

Class of 2014

“I just graduated from the University of Florida with an Event Management degree. Before I came to the University of Florida I thought I was going to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City because I wanted to be in the fashion industry. Later on when I got accepted to the University of Florida I decided I would give it a try and to this day that one decision made me the person I am today.

Before I came to the University of Florida I decided to do some research and see if there was anything fashion related I could get involved with. I saw that UF had the Retail Society and that I needed to get involved with that. Once fall came I started attending meetings and was able to sit in on retail speakers that came in from different companies and they would tell us about their company and how they got to where they are now. At one of the meetings one of an executive member told us about Gainesville Fashion Week. She told us that the intern applications were out and that we should apply. That was the second best decision I made.

Gainesville Fashion Week is a 5 day event that occurs in the spring that features local design, creative content, and provides an outlet for artists. When I first interned for them my freshmen year I worked on getting local sponsorships because without them GFW wouldn’t exist. As the event was coming closer you work harder with your team because at the end the only thing the whole team cares about is seeing it becoming successful. After my first event I changed my major from Marketing to Event Management because I knew this is what I was good at and what I wanted to do in my future. I then still participated in GFW for all my four years and had numerous positions such as being Co-Model Director, Marketing and Promotions Director, and then becoming the Executive Chair. When I first started I knew I wanted to have the ability to explore all the positions and fully understand them because to truly understand how an event is successfully put on you need to understand every role because if something would go wrong you would be able to come up with a solution.

I have also had multiple other internships such as interning at a fashion designer Yumi Kim, Rent the Runway, People’s Revolution, Teen Vogue, and currently Haute Living Magazine. Everyone always asks me how I got each internship and if I had connections. My answer is that I am a sole believer in working hard and following your dreams because that will truly get you far. I started taking initiative ever since I was in 10th grade because I knew that I wanted to be in fashion and would do everything in my ability to surround myself with it. For me I truly believe that you learn the most when you are actually able to experience something and all these internships led me to the next internship.

My advice to future students who want to get their foot in the door is start early. It doesn’t matter where you start or what you are doing you just have to show them that you are hard –working, dedicated, and willing to learn and you will succeed. If a company sees that you are an asset to them and you are working hard they will most likely offer you a job at the end or they will recommend you to someone else.

Hope this information was beneficial to all of you and just so you know University of Florida has so much to offer so please take advantage and use your resources because it will help you so much in the future.”