Destiny Kucko – Recreation Management

Class of 2014

Life at the University of Florida brings with it a thrilling, yet overwhelming, world of options; one of these you must pick and love enough to do it forever. This reality blindsided me freshman year and after running from advising office to advising office I felt excited as my eyes skimmed over the coursework for the Natural Resource Recreation Management specialization.

A fond lover of the adrenaline filled world of outdoor adventure, my experience as a TRiP leader at the university’s outdoor recreation program exposed me to a group of friends who were pursuing exciting degrees in wildlife ecology, forestry or any combination of formative undergraduate degrees. They all sounded wildly interesting; the idea of taking a class which focused on international ecotourism or the history or natural resource policy appealed to me but I desired a major that recognized the human connection, both positively and negatively, in using and preserving our forests and wildlife. It was important for me to know and understand the world around me as well as identify how to best manage it.

Theodore Roosevelt, a role model of mine and icon of natural resource management in the United States once said, “I recognize the right and duty of this generation to develop and use the natural resources of our land; but I do not recognize the right to waste them, or to rob, by wasteful use, the generations that come after us.” I believe this major offers the opportunity to take a very realistic approach in protecting the world around us. I was able to gain knowledge in a wide range of topics by selecting relevant courses in colleges such as Agriculture and Life Sciences and Design, Construction and Planning. I felt informed on matters of natural resources and most importantly, able to understand and interpret the human element in relation to our natural spaces.

My advisors and professors throughout were both accessible and crucial to my success. Through their encouragement and recommendation I received numerous professional development opportunities which sent me to conferences in California, Utah, Oklahoma and Arizona to network and develop impressible experiences in my field that became invaluable to me.

This major is exciting and unique due to its flexibility in pursuing coursework you find most relevant to your interests and future as well as the emphasis on business and management curriculum to produce a student well rounded and prepared for life outside of the walls of the Florida Gym.