Sarah Amann – Event Management

Class of 2014

“The experiences and the education that I received at the University of Florida helped prepare me for future success and shaped me into a better version of myself. Being an Event Management major through the College of Human Health and Performance, I have had the opportunity to accomplish many milestones and secure multiple internships.

I loved the Event Management track because of how engaging, interesting, and extensive the program is. I felt that I was able to learn about every aspect of Event Management from facility design to legal responsibility to effective leadership, while being supported by incredible faculty. One of the best aspects about the Event Management track is the opportunity to finish the degree program by interning full-time in the field. This opportunity not only prepares one for the workforce, but actually allows them to experience the workforce and have a major advantage over students who have not completed full-time internships.

I’ve also loved how all-encompassing an Event Management degree can be. Events are a part of every career path and because of this degree I have been able to work and adapt to multiple fields. I’ve secured Event Management-related internships with a popular beach resort, in a major hospital, in the fashion industry, with nonprofits, and even on a presidential campaign. I owe these incredible opportunities to this unparalleled degree program and the dedicated faculty members who have been committed to seeing me succeed.”