Aislinn Bailey – Event Management

Class of 2015

I entered the University of Florida as a junior transfer student and felt lost my first year in college; as many freshmen do, I sifted through several majors before landing in the right degree track: double majoring in Advertising and Event Management. The Event Management program speaks for itself in success stories, but what truly makes it amazing is the people. My professors genuinely cared if I succeeded and wanted me to reach for my dreams. My advisers made me feel like I was the only student in the entire college by counseling me through tough times and tough schoolwork. The program may be rigorous but it is incredibly rewarding.

At 16, I started my own wedding photography company. Throughout high school and college, I looked at other career paths, but always came back to photography. Event Management was the perfect choice for my degree track. My professors and advisers knew what I wanted after college and cheered me on while helping to tailor my studies to help me succeed in the real world. Going into Event Management as a college major did not mean I had a limited amount of career choices after college. I have infinite career possibilities ahead of me (and several job offers already!). What I really loved about being in this college was the opportunities to intern and do field work that pertained to my interests in the tourism and event industry. After I graduate, I plan to continually pursue my wedding photography career and take on international clients.