Undergraduate Programs

Degree Programs:

The curriculum in the Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management is accredited by the Council of Accreditation sponsored by the National Recreation and Park Association and the American Association of Leisure Recreation. Degrees offered include:

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management (BSM)

Bachelor of Science in Tourism, Event and Recreation Management (BSTRM)

Bachelor of Science in Recreation (BSR)*

BSTRM Specializations:

BSR Specializations*:

*This degree is sun setting and is only available to students currently enrolled

Event Management Minor


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Internship Requirements

Prior to graduation, all TRSM majors are required to complete a 15-credit hour, full-time internship experience. This requirement is met during the semester of expected graduation. The Internship office in 330 FLG has information available on hundreds of approved and potential internship sites. These files are by no means representative of all possible internship sites, but they are a good starting point.

New Academic Learning Compact Requirements

Demonstrate competence in subject matter for upper division 4000 level core courses and course projects grades and reinforced by final course grades as assessed by a faculty committee independent of the instructor and not as part of the course grade. Students should also critically demonstrate mastery of critical skills needs in planning and delivery of tourism, sport and recreation program as demonstrated by internship supervisor’s assessment at the completion of internship.