Accepted Applicants

Upon acceptance into the program, a written “acceptance of offer” letter needs to be submitted by the student to the Department Graduate Coordinator at .

If you are currently enrolled in a program when submitting your graduate application, it is YOUR responsibility to send an official copy of your final transcript to the UF Office of Admissions once your degree has been conferred. (This does not apply if you are currently completing a degree at the University of Florida.)

UF Office of Admissions:
ATTN: Graduate Admissions
PO Box 114000
Criser Hall
Gainesville, FL 32611-4000


  • Your UF ID (When you first applied to UF, you were given a UF ID, which will always remain your student identification number.)

GatorLink Account

  • Please go to to set up your email and log-in accounts.  Notify the Department of your UF email address.  Gatorlink is your computer identity (username and password) at the University. It creates your e-mail address, where official University communications are sent.
  • GatorLink also gives you access to a variety of campus computing services such as e-mail and computer lab access. Most campus services require a GatorLink sign-on including ISIS, MyUFL, e-Learning, computer lab and network connections, print services, and the downloading of University-licensed software.

Your Gator 1 Card

  • When you enrolled in classes, you were asked to get a student ID, known better as a Gator 1 card. Gator 1 includes your photograph, your status (student) and your UF ID number.


With your GatorLink username and password, you can logon to ISIS: Integrated Student Information System. ISIS is the University’s secure website your gateway to:

  • Course registration
  • Schedule adjustment (drop/add)
  • Fee payments
  • Financial aid
  • Grades
  • Holds
  • Address changes
  • Degree audits
  • Degree shopping
  • Degree applications
  • Class schedule
  • Transcripts
  • Personal directory information
  • Federal loan interviews
  • Course descriptions
  • Textbook information

ISIS is available from 7:00 a.m. through 3:00 a.m., Monday through Saturday, and 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. Sunday (Eastern Time).

International Students

Upon acceptance into the TRSM graduate program, you MUST NOTIFY the Department that you will need an I-20 requested from the University of Florida International Center (UFIC).  Necessary documentation will be requested and handled by UFIC, Do NOT send it to the Department.
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*The process of the University accepting international students involves a number of steps, multiple computer systems, and multiple departments within our University. The first system allows the applicant to be accepted by the Department, but then forwards the file to the Office of Admissions for review.  The official transcripts and met application requirements are reviewed for completeness and validity.  This one office handles all international transcripts for the entire University, sometimes taking up to one month for review.  Upon approval from Admissions, the Department must then go back into the system and accept the application again. The Graduate School reviews both academic (GRE/GMAT) and TOEFL test scores for established academic requirements.  Upon their approval, the application is deemed accepted and an acceptance letter can now be mailed out.  This can take up to a week for processing.
After the letter of offer has been accepted by the applicant, the student needs to directly contact the Department to begin the process of the I-20 request. This is not done automatically.  Please clarify at this time if you have funding that will be provided for your study and who it will be funded through.  This request is submitted through the Graduate Information Management System (GIMS) and it takes a few days for this system to communicate with the International Center, which is busy handling requests for the entire University.  They process the request in order of receipt and as quickly as possible, but it can still take a few days.  There are multiple steps and people involved with the processing of the I-20 requests. In some cases, there are complications that delay the process even more and those concerns are expedited as quickly as possible.  UFIC will contact the student via email regarding status updates and/or additional information needed.  Please do not call and email the Department as this delays the processing of files and other requests.