Application Deadlines, Requirements & Process

Application Deadlines 

Fall Admission: March 1*           Spring Admission: October 15           Summer Admission: February 20
Non-US Resident: December 1    Non-US Resident: May 1                Non-US Resident: October 1

Note: The deadlines listed above are approximate graduate application deadlines. Applications will continue to be reviewed as they are received, however late applications will not be prioritized.

Non-US Resident deadlines are earlier due to additional review requirements.

*If you are a Ph.D. applicant and applying for a graduate assistantship, all Fall Semester application materials must be received prior to February 1 for processing. M.S. applicants are not eligible to apply for a graduate assistantship within the Department.

  • Due to the high volume of applications received, please be patient during these times as all applications are processed individually. Please DO NOT contact the department to ask what your status is or if additional material is needed-immediately after submitting your application.  The department staff will contact you within a business week (outside of holidays) to notify you what is missing from your application or that it is complete.   You will also be updated periodically until your application is complete and ready for review by the admissions committee.  You may also check your status of material submitted to the office of admissions (recommendation letters, transcripts, test scores) by logging in to your application:  Please keep your questions to a minimum during these times, as it delays the processing for ALL applications and not all emails are able to be answered in a timely fashion. Before you send a message with a question, please read all of the information below on this page, also review the information on these two pages: Grad School Admissions and TRSM FAQ.
  • We receive many applications each semester for our campus program, for which there are a limited number of seats available. Students who apply after the program has reached its limit may wish to explore our online version, which has unlimited capacity.
  • Considered international applicants may be required to engage in an interview with a Department representative either by telephone or Skype. 
  • If you are a person from an underrepresented ethnic group (African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Native-Americans, Pacific Islanders, or Asian-Americans) intending to apply for a doctoral degree (i.e., you will complete a Master’s degree by the end of next summer ) there is an opportunity to participate in a Campus Visit Orientation usually in November. (UF pays for lodging and most meals). Please note that you must apply and have all your doctoral application materials (see list below) submitted no later than mid-September.  
    • Note: The Graduate school website indicates undergraduates may apply, but in our department, we do not accept applications to the doctoral program unless you have or are completing a Master’s degree.

Admission Requirements

Applications are evaluated individually by a faculty review committee.  The application is reviewed as a “whole”-no one item is more important than another.  Aspects considered include:  GPA, GRE scores, TOEFL scores (if applicable), references ratings and comments, previous track record and relevant work experience, compatibility of applicant’s education, experience and research interest with the mission of the program; compatibility and availability of a faculty advisor with similar specializations and research interests as the applicant. Applications will NOT be reviewed until they are complete in the department.  ALL listed items below MUST be received by the department as stated.

Application Material

Please ONLY email material to the department that you were NOT able to upload with your UF Admissions application!

1.  Submit online application

a. Applications are ONLY accepted online
b. Pay application Fee ($30 online)
c. Complete residency survey

2.  Statement of Purpose

a. Upload with online application
b. This is where you tell us WHY you want to attend our graduate program, and WHAT you want to do after your degree and any major relevant experience you have:

i.  Paragraph 1:  What brought you to where you are today?
ii.  Paragraph 2:  Tell us where you are today, recent experiences to support your topic of interest.
iii. Paragraph 3:  What do you plan to do in your career?  What are your professional goals?
iv. For PhD applicants, the name of the 1-3 faculty that have expertise in the topics you want to specialize in, that you would like to have an adviser(s).

3.  Resume or CV

4.  Letters of Recommendation (3 required)

The office of admissions is responsible for the online application system.  Recommendation letter requests that are NOT received by your recommender can be re-sent by YOU through the application system or by providing them the recommendation form found here and emailing to the department.  The department can NOT send this request.

a. Minimum of 2 from academic resources
b. The third can be from academic or professional people

5.  Transcripts (from ALL prior academic institutions, after high school)

a.  UF graduates do NOT need to provide UF transcripts.  The Office of Admissions and department are able to access them internally.

b.  Official version (hardcopy) of the transcript MUST be submitted to the Office of Admissions

i.  For international students:  Please submit your original degree/certificate AND transcript as well as the English translations for both.

ii. Please be advised that the OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS is located in a separate building than the DEPARTMENT. Receipt of OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS that are sent to the OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS CANNOT be verified through the DEPARTMENT. Please contact the OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS directly, via the contact information found below.

c.  Unofficial copies MUST be provided to the department (upload with admissions applications OR email to the department in PDF format)

i.  Some institutions provide the unofficial transcript in PDF format that has a security feature on it.  These are NOT able to be uploaded to the UF admissions online application, but can instead be forwarded to the department for processing.
ii.  “Upper Division GPA” – Average of all coursework AFTER 60 credits.

6.  Test Scores

a. ALL official Test Scores MUST be sent to the Office of Admissions. Code is 5812
b. Score values may be submitted with your online application or emailed to the department to expedite consideration, but this does not replace 6a above.  There is NO department code for test scores.

i.  GRE/GMAT scores (verbal and quantitative) MUST include the WRITING section

1.  GRE scores are required for ALL PhD and MS Thesis applicants
2.  Either GRE or GMAT scores are required for ALL MS Non-Thesis applicants

ii.  TOEFL scores are required for ALL non-US citizens from non-English speaking countries; check for exempted countries here (exemptions)

7.  Fellowship Application (if applicable)

a.  ONLY PhD applicants are eligible to apply for the Graduate School Fellowship if : 1) they are not currently attending the University of Florida 2) applying for the Fall semester only and 3) have all their application materials submitted in January.

    • Please provide your UFID (created when you submit your on-line application), your DEGREE and PROGRAM/SPECIALIZATION when inquiring to the department.
    • DO NOT send International documents/financial paperwork to the department. We will NOT forward to the international center (UFIC) for you. It is YOUR responsibility to communicate with the UFIC regarding supporting documents they need.
    • Do NOT STAPLE documents that you send in the mail! Email in PDF format is preferred.
    • Do NOT mail paper copies of documents that were uploaded with your application and/or emailed to the department.

Submit the supporting material that you want considered for your application. The department will NOT update previously submitted documents. This includes CV’s, statements of purpose and test scores. If you do NOT want it considered as you sent it, do NOT submit it to the department.

The department is NOT responsible for applications evaluated with original material submitted that the applicant wanted updated.

Thesis/PhD applicants: Examine the research areas of the faculty to determine which area is the most interest to you. Upon determination, please contact that faculty member directly to discuss the potential of becoming his/her student.

The department requires graduation from an accredited college or university with a minimum grade average of B (3.0 GPA) for all undergraduate coursework beyond 60 credit hours and satisfactory scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Students from countries where English is not the primary language, are also required to score a minimum of 550 paper (213 computer-based; 80 Internet version) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL); (IELTS-6; MELAB-77). More information can be found here: International Applicants- English Language Proficiency

Test Scores

  • Non-thesis Master’s applicants may submit GMAT scores in lieu of GRE scores.
  • GRE/GMAT scores are only valid for five years from the date they were taken until the date you submit them.
  • TOEFL scores are only valid for two years from date they were taken until the date you submit them.
  • International students whose native tongue is English or who have studied at a United States college or university for one year or more need not submit TOEFL scores, but must submit satisfactory scores on the GRE (or GMAT if applicable) before their applications for admissions can be considered.
  • The Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management does NOT have a required minimum GRE/GMAT score for admission.  We adhere to the minimum requirements of the office of admissions.  Applicants scores are compared to other applications reviewed for the same term, so decisions are based on the range of scores available in the pool of applications received, to evaluate if your score is judged as competitive or not.
  • The UF GRE verbal score minimum is 140 (320 on tests prior to 8/01/11) for those international applicants who are required to submit their TOEFL scores as well.  This is only the minimum potentially acceptable score and does not mean that the department admissions committee will consider this as sufficient to be admitted, especially if there are other applicants with higher scores who have applied for the same semester you are applying for.  If you are a non-US citizen and wish to determine if you are exempt from submitting a TOEFL score, read the information on this page but note that everyone (except non-thesis MS applicants) must still submit verbal and quantitative GRE scores.

The University of Florida school code for submission of GMAT, GRE, TOEFL and TSE scores is 5812. A department code is NOT needed. Please leave the department section blank. It is recommended that the applicant provide an unofficial copy of their scores to the department or uploaded with their electronic application.

Application Process

When you apply online, our academic programs are listed under the College of Health and Human Performance.

For MS Applicants:

  • College: HH
  • Program:
    • Sport Management
    • Recreation, Parks & Tourism
  • Specialization (RPT Only. Please select one):
    • Tourism
    • Recreation
    • Natural Resource Recreation

For PhD Applicants:

  • College: HH
  • Program: Health & Human Performance
  • Specialization (PLEASE include ONE):
    • Sport Management
    • Recreation, Parks & Tourism:
      • Tourism
      • Recreation
      • Natural Resource Recreation

Application procedures are provided at

UF Office of Admissions:
ATTN: Graduate Admissions           
PO Box 114000
201 Criser Hall
Gainesville, FL 32611-4000
gradpro@admissions.ufl.eduElectronic transcripts directly from your institution
(E-Script Safe format only):
TRSM Department:
Attn: Graduate Coordinator
PO Box 118208
1864 Stadium Road, 300 Florida Gym
Gainesville, FL 32611-8208
OR alternatively, you may email the PDF scanned
documents or send scores in a message to
  • Each application is reviewed by a faculty committee specializing in the applicant’s declared area of interest (as determined by the Statement of Purpose). A student’s file must be complete before it can be reviewed by the faculty committee.
  • The first round of acceptance letters will be sent out toward the end of March for Fall applicants. Final decisions on all candidates will be made at a later time.
  • If you have a question about TRSM graduate programs (and you have reviewed the website to be sure the information is not there), email Please specify which degree and which study area you are asking about when making an inquiry.
  • For information about financial support, click here.
  • If you want to check to see if the University of Department have received your application materials, read the response to Question 1 on the FAQs webpage.