The Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management has a limited number of assistantships that may be available for incoming doctoral students or current doctoral students in their second, third and/or fourth years of the doctoral program. The level of funding varies year to year and also the number available depends on how many current doctoral students with assistantships graduate, freeing them up for other students as well as the Department’s research and teaching needs. There are also some opportunities with funded projects where a professor has an externally funded project that will pay the salary and tuition of a graduate student, though usually these are for a limited time: usually 1-3 semesters. These need to be sought out and negotiated directly with the research professor, not the Department.

What is an assistantship?

An assistantship is a part-time job working for the Department or another unit in the University. Assistantships generally come with a tuition waiver. There are two types of assistantships:

  1. Research Assistantship: assisting a professor with research projects, library research, data entry and analysis, conducting surveys, etc. from monies that the professor has been awarded from an external funding source.
  2. Teaching Assistantships: teaching an undergraduate course in tourism, recreation, or sport management or assisting a professor with a large class or distance education course

In some situations, there may be a mix whereby a 10-hour teaching assistantship is combined with a 10-hour research assistantship to provide an assistantship of 20 hours per week. An assistantship typically covers 9 hours of coursework tuition for Summer and Fall Semesters, though the student is still liable for supplemental fee costs each semester. Assistantships also provide some salary, usually for 13 or 20 hours per week.

In your letter of application (cover letter), advise us that you would like to be considered for a graduate assistantship and then summarize any skills you may have (computer, software, statistical, teaching experience, interviewing people on surveys, etc.). Also, be sure to complete and submit the application for graduate assistantships with your application if you are a PhD applicant and interested in obtaining an assistantship.

How do I obtain a Master’s level assistantship?

While we do not provide assistantships for Master’s level students in our Department, the following five organizations do have such positions: Recreational Sports, University Athletic Association, Stephen C. O’Connell Center, J. Wayne Reitz Union, and the Office of Student Affairs. Some of our students also obtain positions with the Division of Housing, where they receive both pay and housing.

1. Recreational Sports

2. University Athletic Association

  • Contact the Human Resources Department or the individual unit

3. Stephen C. O’Connell Center

4. J. Wayne Reitz Union

5. Office of Student Affairs

6. Division of Housing

7. UF Library

8. UF Jobs