Graduation Requirements

It is the responsibility of the student to make sure they have met the requirements for graduation. For information about Commencement, please click here.

  • Apply to graduate the term you plan to graduate, before the mid-point of the semester; otherwise, you will be required to wait until the following semester to apply for graduation again.
  • You must obtain a 3.0 GPA overall and in major courses.
  • You CANNOT graduate with an ā€œIā€ grade on your transcript; it must be resolved prior to the midpoint of your final semester.
  • You CANNOT graduate with a C-, D+, D, D-, E or U grade on your transcript; they must be petitioned by the Department to the Graduate School. Please notify the Department if they need to prepare a petition on your behalf.
  • You must verify that the Final Exam Form has been submitted in GIMS. (This is the final paperwork signed by your committee at your defense.)
  • You are responsible to verify that the information in GIMS is accurate and correct prior to the midpoint of your final semester in which you plan to graduate.