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Advisors & Supervisory Committee

Prior to registration, it is highly recommended that all incoming doctoral students have identified and received approval of a graduate faculty member in the Department who is willing and available to supervise the student.  The respective faculty is usually the academic advisor and the Chair of the supervisory committee. The members of the supervisory committee should be appointed as soon as possible after the student has begun doctoral work, and in general, no later than the end of the second semester of equivalent full-time study.

The supervisory committee for a candidate for the doctoral degree shall consist of no fewer than four members selected from the Graduate Faculty and must be selected no later than the conclusion of the student’s fourth semester.  At least two persons (including the chairperson) must be from the Department recommending the degree, and at least one member will be drawn from a different academic discipline.  The supervisory committee will include at least one person selected from the Graduate Faculty from outside the discipline of the major (external member).

 Minors:  A representative from each minor sought by the student must be selected for the committee.  The first minor representative committee member may also be the external member; however, any additional minors must have their own represented committee member in addition to the required four.  For example, a student with 2 minors, must have at least 5 members on their committee.

“Special Appointment” committee members do NOT count as the core four committee members, nor to represent minors.

 Supervisory Committee Form