Final Exam/Capstone/Thesis Requirements

All Master of Science degrees are required to show competence in their field of study, which requires the passing of a final comprehensive exam, capstone project, or thesis. Before graduating, all students must complete the Alumni Form

Final Semester Registration

  • Students are required to be registered in their final semester
  • Students are required to be registered for a minimum of 3 credits  in the Fall/Spring and 2 credits in the Summer for their final semester (more if on an assistantship)
  • If the student is a THESIS student, he/she must register for SPM/LEI 6971 Masters Research (regardless if the required credits have been met)
  • If the student is a non-thesis student, then the coursework must apply to their program plan

Final Exam Options (RPT/SPM Non-Thesis Options)

1. Comprehensive Exams (RPT/SPM Non-Thesis Option)

Written comprehensive examinations will be taken during the student’s last semester.  Questions will address 3 areas: (1) core (administration, trends and theories); (2) specialization; and (3) research.

Supervisory committee members will write the questions and grade the answers. Supervisory committee members will meet and discuss the written examinations and decide whether the student:

  • Passes
  • Must re-write any part
  • Take an oral exam on any part
  • Fails 

If the student fails, he/she must wait and take the entire written examination again the following semester. If the student re-writes any part or takes an oral exam on any part and fails that part a second time, he/she must wait and take the entire written examination again the following semester.  When a student fails the exam, the student may be required to enroll in a course to correct deficiencies.

2. Professional Paper (RPT Non-Thesis Option)

RPT non-thesis students have the option of a professional paper in lieu of a practicum; however, they are still required to sit for the comprehensive exams.

3. Capstone Project (SPM Non-Thesis Option)

A non-thesis student majoring in Sport Management must complete the Capstone Project, which serves as the exit requirement for the Sport Management degree. This project is the final step in the degree process and must be completed prior to graduation.

The purpose of the Capstone Project is threefold:

    1. Documents that the student is able to take newly acquired knowledge and skills and apply them to professional practice
    2. Helps the student understand their weaknesses and strengths when seeking employment
    3. Prepares the student in organizing information that will help them in seeking employment by effectively promoting themselves

Thesis (RPT/SPM Thesis Option)

Each master’s thesis candidate must prepare and present a thesis that shows independent investigation and that is acceptable in form and content to the supervisory committee and to the Graduate School. The work must be of publishable quality and must be in a form suitable for publication, using the Graduate School’s format requirements. The academic unit is responsible for quality and scholarship.

Thesis Procedures:

  • The student develops a prospectus.
  • The supervisory committee chair approves the prospectus.
  • The student works with his/her advisor to select the additional supervisory committee members.
  • The student writes the first three chapters (Introduction, Review of Literature, and Methods) and presents the proposal in a public forum. See Proposal/Defense Announcement Form.
  • The student completes and defends the thesis in a public forum. See Proposal/Defense Announcement Form.
  • All forms must be completed and submitted per the university’s schedule. 

Graduate School Editorial Office Resources:

For brief questions about Graduate School Editorial Office requirements:

Graduate School Editorial Office
224-B Hub (Stadium Road)
Phone 352.392.1282

For technical help with formatting templates, troubleshooting the document, and PDF conversion:

Application Support Center (ASC)
224 Hub (Stadium Road)
Phone: 352.392.HELP (Option 5)