Concurrent/Joint & Combined/4+1 Degree Programs

Concurrent/Joint Degree Programs

The Department of Tourism, Recreation & Sport Management is able to develop a concurrent plan with several other programs on campus, who are able and willing as well. In order to obtain “concurrent” status, you must FIRST be admitted independently to each individual program. When you are submitting your application online, you have the option to submit your application to up to 3 different programs of study. You will then have the option on the application to check yes to the question “Are you applying to a joint degree program?” This is when you submit your application to both programs of interest. Upon acceptance into both programs, and your enrollment at UF, during your first semester, we will assist you with the paperwork in person with you on campus to allow you to share up to 9 credits (up to 12 credits for Concurrent with Professional programs). The SAME 9 (12) credits are required to be shared in BOTH programs of study. This is not an option for online students. The courses that are “shared” with the other program, would be counted in the “elective” section of your degree plan in our department. We do NOT allow our CORE/CONCENTRATION courses to be shared or substituted. Our MS RPT/SPM degree programs are 2 year programs (for most students making normal progress) for a traditional student seeking 1 individual degree, taking a full course load of 9 credit hours/semester.  The purpose of a “concurrent” program is to allow students to pursue more than one graduate/professional degree at the same time, with the opportunity to share credits. Thus, it will take more than 2 years to complete two MS degree programs. We strongly prefer our concurrent degree students to take at least 1-2 TRSM classes each semester or alternate semesters. We do NOT consider pursuing one degree and then another as concurrent. Sequential enrollment in two degree programs is NOT concurrent enrollment.

*ANY changes to the student’s concurrent agreement plan (which includes the individual degree program plans AND the shared courses), MUST be promptly reported to both academic program assistants/advisors, who will notify the graduate school of changes. Changes that are NOT reported at the time the course is registered for, MAY delay degree certification of the student, and possibly even the semester the student can graduate in. 

MSM/MS Concurrent Degree Program

This joint degree program is jointly offered through the College of Business Administration (Master of Science in Management [MSM]) and the College of Health and Human Performance (Master of Science in Sport Management [MS-SPM] or Master of Science in Recreation, Parks and Tourism [MS-RPT]). The MSM is designed for students who seek a graduate business degree and who lack the work experience necessary for admission to the MBA program. The MSM curriculum is similar to the first year of the MBA program, giving students a good foundation in business principles. For more information on the MSM and Sport Management curriculum, click here. It may be possible to work with the College of Business Administration to create a joint degree earning an MBA also, however, you must contact that college and work with their graduate advisors to explore this option.

Juris Doctor/Sport Management Joint Degree Program

The faculties of the College of Law and the College of Health and Human Performance have prepared a joint degree program culminating in both a Juris Doctor degree, awarded by the College of Law, and a Master of Science in Sport Management, awarded by the Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management. Under this joint degree program, a student can obtain both degrees in approximately one year less than doing both programs sequentially, if both degree programs are pursued simultaneously. Students need to propose and obtain approval (from both programs of study) to share up to 12 of the same credits, to count towards both individual program degree plans of study. To learn more about the joint degree program, click here.

Combined Degree Program (4+1)

The combined BS/MS degree program allows qualified students to earn both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management with 12 credit hours of jointly-counted coursework. This program is considered a “4/1” because you may be awarded both degrees within a five-year period, with judicious selection of courses and full-time enrollment. This is not a guaranteed time period as course offerings can vary (esp. in summer semesters) and course offerings for a particular specialization area, vary, but many are able to complete both degrees in 5 years. Please contact your TRSM Undergraduate Academic Advisor no later than the first semester of your junior year to begin this accelerated option. You can find more information about the Combined 4+1 Degree Program by clicking here.

*You MUST complete a Graduate Credit Transfer Form during your first semester of the Master’s program (after you have graduated with your B.S.)

Acceptance into the TRSM 4+1 Combined Degree Program does NOT guarantee admission into the M.S. degree program in TRSM. An acceptable GRE score must be submitted, recommendation letters should be laudatory, and grade performance in the completed graduate courses must be B or better. A formal application process to the MS program must be made.