Sport Management

The Master of Science in Sport Management is designed by UF’s expert faculty to reflect the latest advances in the field of sport, presenting an equally theoretical and practical approach to skills and knowledge critical to success in the industry. Through its broad but rigorous curriculum, the program can help you develop your leadership abilities and administrative proficiency with an eye towards sport management, aiding the development of a specialized and comprehensive skill-set. Students can choose between two options: 1.) Non-Thesis with Internship and/or Practicum, or 2.) Thesis.

Upon completion, students will be able to competently:

  • Introduce advanced concepts of planning, organizing, leading and evaluating organizational goals to sport organizations
  • Develop financial strategies and evaluate budgets and sources of revenues and expenses relevant to sport organizations
  • Apply fundamental marketing concepts to the sport industry, create marketing plans, evaluate market segments, and predict consumer behavior
  • Explain and judge fundamental legal concepts relevant to tort, contract, and constitutional law, and how they apply to the sport management field
  • Understand the interdisciplinary nature of sport management at an advanced level
  • Explain the internal and external factors that influence and shape sport
  • Use qualitative and quantitative analysis through formal and informal assessment strategies

Graduates can pursue a wide variety of advanced career paths in areas of sport ranging from finance to event coordination to marketing.

Sport Management Non-Thesis Program of Study

The Non-Thesis program is 36 credit hours with the completion of a Capstone Project, which serves as the exit requirement for the Sport Management degree. This project is the final step in the degree process and must be completed during their last 2 semesters of study.

The purpose of the Capstone Project is threefold:

  • Documents that the student is able to take newly acquired knowledge and skills and apply them to professional practice
  • Helps the student understand their weaknesses and strengths when seeking employment
  • Prepares the student in organizing information that will help them in seeking employment by effectively promoting themselves

Sport Management Professional Development Capstone Project

Capstone Evaluation

Non-Thesis Curriculum – 36 credit hours

Research Core (6 credits)

Required Courses (15 credits)

Electives (15 credits)

Please work with your advisor to determine the best fitting elective coursework to apply towards your program of study. Students may be approved to take up to 6 credits of undergraduate coursework (3000-4000) from outside the Department of TRSM. 

*Maximum combined 12 credit hours

Sport Management Thesis Program of Study

The Thesis Program is 30 credit hours but each master’s thesis candidate must prepare and present a thesis that shows independent investigation and that is acceptable in form and content to the supervisory committee and to the Graduate School. The work must be of publishable quality and must be in a form suitable for publication, using the Graduate School’s format requirements. The academic unit is responsible for quality and scholarship.

Thesis Procedures:

    • The student develops a prospectus.
    • The supervisory committee chair approves the prospectus.
    • The student works with his/her advisor to select the additional supervisory committee members.
    • The student writes the first three chapters (Introduction, Review of Literature, and Methods) and presents the proposal in a public forum. See Proposal/Defense Announcement Form.
    • The student completes and defends the thesis in a public forum. See Proposal/Defense Announcement Form.
    • All forms must be completed and submitted per the university’s schedule.

Students must defend their Thesis during their last 2 semesters of study.

Thesis Curriculum – 30 credit hours

Research Core (9 credits)

  • Committee Approved Research Course (3)

Required Courses (15 credits)

Thesis (6 credits)

  • SPM 6971 Masters Research (1-15)

Department Required Registration

To register for practicum/internship/independent study/masters research courses, students must complete and submit the following Proposal Form to their advisor for approval, and then to the TRSM Department Program Assistant for processing.

Students participating in a practicum or internship must have the following forms completed by their site supervisor, and submitted to their academic advisor in order to assign a grade for the semester: Midterm Evaluation and Final Evaluation forms.